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BEST Athens has already organised more than 100 successful events, which were attended by European students. Academic seminars are organized on an annual basis and attract students from all over Europe. Also, every year the local round of the engineering competition (EBEC) is organized, which aims to give students the opportunity to use and apply in practice the knowledge they gain from their studies. Finally,  BEST Athens seeks to bridge the gap between academia and business by organizing activities such as company visits, with the aim of educating students and familiarising them with the demands of the market.

Each member of BEST is guided by 5 important values ​​which relate to the actions of the organisation:


We have the ability to make changes, to cope with changing circumstances and to respond quickly to change-challenges or any other obstacle. WE ARE OPEN TO ANYTHING NEW!!!


DIFFERENT PEOPLE DIFFERENT IDEAS. We strive to build strong relationships in which people support, help and collaborate. We focus on each person who participates in our activities, we appreciate teamwork, we build true friendships.


WE ENJOY EVERYTHING WE DO!!! We try to make our activities enjoyable to everyone associated with them. We act with passion and joy and try to convey these feelings to the people next to us.


NOBODY IS PERFECT. We are constantly striving to improve in everything we do, both personally and as an organisation. We use all our positive energy and creativity to improve ourselves, the way we work and the services we provide.


We gain skills, knowledge, experience through the activities in which we participate and try to learn as much as possible through every aspect of our work. We value personal development and learn through discussion, collaboration and teamwork. ΒECAUSE IT IS NICE TO LEARN SOMETHING NEW EVERY DAY!!!

Do you want to improve your soft skills? Do you like traveling? Do you have ambitions for your future and an appetite for knowledge? Do you want to meet new people? Do you enjoy teamwork and collaboration? IF YES THEN YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE !!! JOIN US!

BEST is not just a group of students. BEST is a large family of students with students from all over Europe who make many different groups. The acquaintances, collaborations, travel and various activities overcome the limits of a simple group of students.

Every student of the National Technical University of Athens.

All you need to have is motivation, positive energy and BEST SPIRIT.

Just fill out the form by pressing join us in the homepage and we will contact you. WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU!!!

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