BEST Athens Course in Spring
Lion Green,
The Circle of Life


Have you ever wondered where all the garbage goes? Are you concerned about the way humanity takes advantage of its resources? Do you think you could do better? If yes, BEST Athens is here to help!

During nine sunny (hopefully) days, our local BEST group will help you expand your knowledge over Circular Economy, an economic system that replaces the ‘end-of-life’ concept with reducing, alternative reusing and recovery materials in production/distribution and consumption process.

But Spring in Athens means so much more! It’s the ideal season for people who want to visit famous attractions and archaeological sites, such as the Acropolis Hill, without turning red! Moreover, you can enjoy Greek delicious food, which includes the original souvlaki, mousaka, tzatziki and many more, get a taste of the famous Greek hospitality and enjoy the rich cultural and social activities that we will organise for you. Be assured that an amazing group of people will be waiting for you!

Are you still hesitating?

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Survival Guide

So, you got selected? You are still a little confused? You have questions about the course? You want more info about Athens? You can't even say "Thank you" in Greek? Then, check out this Survival Guide. It will answer all your questions.

What does it contain?

Survival guide is here for you. It's your Athens cheatsheet. You can look on it when you need the answers about Athens' history, but also for getting a sense about "halara" spirit. It also contains useful information for surviving in our city. There are directions for coming to the city center from Athens Airport and a list of stuff you need to bring. And many many other things. So, get trained people! Read it!

Survival guide

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